This year is going to be massive for the Fund as we move towards the reintroduction of bilbies behind the Bilby Fence. Your ongoing help is vital and deeply appreciated.

A species in crisis

Australia has the worst mammal extinction track record of any developed nation and this crisis continues. The bilby is on the verge of joining the disturbingly long list of unique Australian animals that no longer exist in the wild and without our assistance this could happen within our lifetime.

The bilby has been roaming the Australian landscape and contributing to our natural environment for over 15 million years. Once widely distributed across Australia, bilbies can now only be found sparsely scattered across 20% of their former range. Their numbers remain in decline as the threats from feral cats, foxes, rabbits and habitat change continue.

But they can be saved with your help

To save the bilby we need to maintain essential genetic diversity and continue to build up their numbers in safe and secure locations. This will provide insurance against the possibility of extinction in the wild and enable the re-introduction of bilbies into specially managed areas.

Without large numbers of safe and secure populations of bilbies, we are destined to lose the battle to save them.

The good news is that bilbies are a fast breeding animal and are superbly adapted to survival in our harsh outback. So their odds of recovery are exceedingly good, if only we give them that chance.

Intensive bilby breeding program in Charleville

From the generous donations of the previous appeals, Save the Bilby Fund has been able to upgrade our bilby captive breeding facilities, built new crèche-ing pens, and we've already had several births with more on the way!

Countdown to bilby releases

Releasing bilbies inside the Bilby Fence at Currawinya National Park is the next critical step to their recovery over the long term. This region falls within their former range which once covered more than 70% of mainland Australia.

What we can do with your help

We rely on your generous support, as we don’t receive any recurrent government funding.

By donating you’ll be making a vital contribution to saving the bilby, not just for ourselves but also for future generations to enjoy. Our conservation achievements for the bilbies also benefit other animals facing similar threats in the wild.

Please DONATE NOW and help bring us closer to saving the bilby for ourselves and our future generations.


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