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Bilbies at a glance

Bilbies are well adapted for survival in the semi-arid and arid areas of Australia but they are under threat. They are listed as vulnerable nationally and endangered in Queensland.

  • Bilbies are omnivores and eat small lizards, mice, spiders, insects, roots and seeds.
  • Bilbies live in burrows that spiral into the ground that are up to 3m long and up to 2m deep.
  • Bilbies are great at digging and have long scooped claws and very strong forelimbs to assist with moving a lot of soil.
  • Bilbies block off their burrow during the day to keep it cool. ‘Closing the door’ also helps prevent unwanted guests from entering and interrupting their sleep.
  • The bilby’s big ears help cool its body. The long ears have a lot of surface area which cools the blood passing through the many blood vessels close to the skin’s surface.
  • Male bilbies weigh up to about 2.5kg with females averaging 1.5kg.
  • Bilbies are one of fastest breeding mammals on Earth with a 12- to 14-day pregnancy.
  • Young emerge from the pouch and are independent at three months and can start breeding at approximately six months.

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Bilby Conservation

Bilbies were common in many different habitats throughout Australia until European settlement and occupied more than 70% of mainland Australia. Predation, predominantly by European red foxes and feral cats, resulted in bilby populations now only occurring in the isolated arid and semi-arid areas of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland. It has disappeared from 80% of its former range.

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