About Save The Bilby Fund


Our vision is to secure the long-term future for bilbies in the wild. These population need to be viable and self-sustaining and exist in protected or managed areas across an extended range.

We are achieving this by co-ordinating bilby conservation through the National Recovery Plan, managing the Bilby Fence in western Queensland, engaging in captive breeding of bilbies for release into protected areas, and educating and raising awareness across the community.

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Bilby droppings used to measure stress levels

Bilby droppings are being used by scientists who have pioneered a new technique to measure stress levels of the endangered marsupial. read more

Charleville Bilby Experience

The Charleville Bilby Experience is one of the highlights of a trip to Western Queensland. Come and learn all about this endangered marsupial and the challenges our wildlife are facing and how we are fighting to save them. read more