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Bilbies not bunnies this Easter

Easter presents us all with the special opportunity to replace the feral rabbit with the Greater Bilby (Macrotis lagotis) as the true Australian Easter icon. In this way we can profile one of our unique but sadly most threatened species, rather than rabbits which have caused immense environmental damage since their introduction to our landscape.

Find Easter bilbies Australia-wide

If you are buying Easter chocolates this year, please support us by buying bilbies ( not bunnies) and help us raise much needed funds. Rabbits are an introduced pest here and number in their millions and also compete with bilbies for habitat and burrows. So it makes sense to buy bilbies not bunnies.

Fyna Foods support us though their Easter Bilby range of Australian Bush Friends and Pink Lady bilby chocolates - look for the green swing tag showing the 30 cent donation per chocolate Easter bilby. Their Australian Bush friends series is available all year round to help support us.

You could also make a donation direct to the Fund. Without your help we won't be able to continue our work and this will place the bilbies at an even greater risk of extinction.

Target, Myer, David Jones, Australia Post corporate stores

Bilby chocolate retailers (PDF) - all states and territories - latest version

Queensland/northern NSW list (PDF)

Easter Bilby Parade kit

This year Save the Bilby Fund has partnered with the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation to develop an activity kit for an Easter Bilby Parade for you to use and promote to your local schools, community groups and supporters.The Activity Kit has been developed to achieve the following:
• Engage young audiences in celebrating our unique and threatened native fauna
• Provide learning outcomes through a "Learn about bilbies fact sheet"
• Provide the opportunity for children to create their own bilby ears and masks in class for an Easter Bilby Parade
• Find ways to help save bilbies from extinction

Please follow the link to' Olivia's Easter Bilby Kit

Easter Bilby colouring competition

Our great supporters, EnviroPrint, are once again running the Easter Bilby colouring competition.

Entries close Thursday 22 March at 5 pm. Open to children under 13.

There will then be a PUBLIC VOTE where people need to “LIKE” their favourite picture at Easter Bilby Colouring Competition

The 12 child entries with the most facebook likes by 6:30pm (Sydney time) on Easter Sunday 1April 2017 win! Find out more here.

Save the Bilby Challenge 2018

Calling all educators of Australian school students....factor the Bilby Challenge into your teaching year.

Click here for all the details.

National Bilby Day - 8 September, 2018

National Bilby Day is held annually on the second Sunday in September to draw the attention of the Australian community to the plight of the bilby. The day was gazetted in 2005 after Frank Manthey lobbied the Federal Government. This special day is used as a focal point to promote community events to fundraise and create awareness about the bilby. No other Australian species has the honour of having its own national day.

Our work to save the bilbies relies on YOUR donations. Without this help from the Australian public, we risk losing bilbies from the wild forever.

Much of the conservation work is remote, specialised and expensive. We really need people to support us to raise operational funding as we receive no recurrent funding.

So in the lead up to National Bilby Day please donate to the fund. The bilby's future really is in your hands.

Find out what is happening this year for the National Bilby Day weekend.

The Wiggles promoting National Bilby Day 2015 (YouTube)

National Threatened Species Day

National Threatened Species Day is a national annual event held on 7 September. It commemorates that day in 1936 when the last Tasmanian tiger (Thylacine) died in Hobart Zoo.

Since 2008, when Frank Manthey initiated the first National Threatened Species Day event for the Queen St Mall, Brisbane, people have been able tosee and learn more about the plight of endangered species. As the years progress, and with the support of wildlife parks around Australia, these events have expanded to other venues and cities.

Easter video

Our Board Chair Al Mucci and Chad Staples from Featherdale Wildlife Park (a sponsor of our fund) on the set of Studio 10 to celebrate our beautiful little Easter creatures!


Bilby droppings used to measure stress levels

Bilby droppings are being used by scientists who have pioneered a new technique to measure stress levels of the endangered marsupial. read more

Charleville Bilby Experience

The Charleville Bilby Experience is one of the highlights of a trip to Western Queensland. Come and learn all about this endangered marsupial and the challenges our wildlife are facing and how we are fighting to save them. read more